What is a Spirit Box?

A Spirit Box, or Ghost Box is a devise designed to allow spirits, or unexplained voices to be heard by means of scanning radio frequencies. These frequencies combined with a high frequency synthetic noise called “white noise” , seemingly allows spirits to use and to form words that are within those radio frequencies. The P-SB7 scans 320 FM frequencies, from 76 MHz to 108 MHz, which is more than other brand currently on the market.

How does a Spirit Box work?

In simple terms, if you can imagine turning on a radio and spinning the dial past all of the radio stations as fast as you can, that is essentially what the Spirit box does, only faster. It continually scans multiple frequencies in AM band and FM band. The P-SB7 can be set to scan forwards or backwards. It is within this scanning of frequencies that spirits can manipulate and use the audio from these radio station signals to form or capture words for us to hear.

The Spirit Box grows in popularity

Spirit boxes were made popular a few years ago when they appeared on some of the famous ghost hunting shows on TV. You may have seem some of these shows where this unit was used to capture spirit voices. The investigators would ask questions while using the spirit box and would typically get a one word response. Responses to specific questions would be receive during this part of the investigation whereby lending support to the validity of the Spirit box, and of the existence of spirits. The P-SB7 Spirit Box has been a favorite piece of ghost hunting equipment on many of the paranormal TV shows.

How to use the P-SB7 Spirit Box

The P-SB7 Spirit Box requires an external speaker or earphones for optimal results. The unit does come with a free external speaker. If you have a chargeable external speaker be sure it is charged before hand.

First turn on the power and set the volume. Volume can’t be set during scanning. Then select AM ban or FM band. Then adjust the Sweep Rate. The lower the number, the faster the scan. After you have set the Sweep Rate to where you desire, then set the sweep for Forward or Reverse.

At this point you can begin asking questions to the spirits. Speak to the spirits that may be in the room. Not to the spirit box. Your questions should be specific in nature. For example, you can ask “do you know my name”? Then listen to see if you get an answer on the spirit box. You are looking for as clear of a response as you can get so listen carefully. Yes or no questions are not as specific and could be misinterpreted or miss heard, or just radio chatter. If you have information on the location you are investigating it will offer you even more specific questions you can ask. You can also ask a question like “who is this person with me”? things like that. In the end you are looking for some type of proof that spirits are there, right? It’s a good idea to record all your ghost hunting sessions as well. A good digital recorder can allow you the option to later on run it through an audio program on your computer. Years ago I used a computer program for my first digital audio recorder and loved it. I’m sure the new programs now are much more sophisticated.

Not everything you hear on the spirit box will be voices from beyond. Our minds like to play tricks on us and often we will make out words that don’t really exist. It’s similar to the way our minds like to find faces in random data. Like the image of a face in the clouds, or the image of a face on Mars. Our hearing can play the same trick on us. Learn to listen to your spirit box, and remember to record your sessions so you can play them back later. It will help you in determining whether or not you really heard what you think you heard.

Most of all, have fun and be safe out there on your adventure in finding spirits.




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