You decide to do it – Your first paranormal investigation

   Searching for the unknown in a cemetary   Abandoned building/prison to search for the unknown

So you’ve decided to jump in and do your first investigation. The location you choose should be somewhere where you would expect there could be ghosts and spirits lingering. This could be your own home or a friends home, or a place that is reported to be haunted. Be sure you have permission from the property owner before entering a location.Where ever you decide to start searching for the unknown, be sure you have at least the basic ghost hunting equipment to bring with you.Basics tools to have when searching for the unknown

Start with the basics

You should acquire at least some basic tools to accompany you on your first hunt. I would suggest at least two or more of the following items:

  • EMF meter, (other wise known as a K2 meter, or an Electromagnetic Field Meter or detector),
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Digital Camera
  • Flashlight for each person

If you’re going to be at a location at night, or inside a building where lighting is not available, a flashlight will be mandatory for your safety so you can see where you are going. Having your cell phone with you at all times is also a good idea. Make sure the batteries in all your equipment are fully charges, and bringing along spare batteries is a good idea too. It’s been known to happen in active areas that batteries can be drained in electronic equipment. This is said to be a result of spirits stealing the energy in order to manifest in some way, so it’s a good idea to be prepared.

Choose a location for paranormal investigating

     Searching for the unknown in an empty prison

Choosing a good location for finding spirits is important. A little research in advance as to reported haunting sites in you area will enhance your chances of encountering what you are searching for. Cemeteries, houses, old buildings, etc. are great places to begin. Reported history of any past events that may be the cause of their hauntings could help you when you’re on-site with some of the questions you will be asking to solicit  responses from spirits.

Again, be sure to get permission before entering some of these locations.

Take a friend with you when ghost hunting

There is safety in numbers and it is never a good idea to venture out ghost hunting by yourself. You may have seen on some of the popular TV shows where teams will separate from each other to go solo to rooms or spots within a building, separating them from each other. Personally I do not agree with this technique. It is better to have at least two people together at all times, so stick together.

Dress for the occasion

Depending on the time of year , the weather conditions at the location you are investigating, and if you will be inside or outside, you should dress for the occasion. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Bringing a coat or jacket is good if weather permits, however try to avoid the “loud” outerwear. You know the ones, that tend to “swoosh”  when the arms rub the body due to the material they’re made from.

If you are in a location that has been abandoned like an old farm house or barn you can imagine that this is not the place to be wearing a T-shirt with sandals and shorts. Appropriate clothing for your location will keep you protected from the elements.

Your paranormal investigation begins

           Ghostly figure captured

When you arrive at your chosen location you should first discuss with you team a meeting location, or safe zone, if you get separated for some reason. Once you find your starting point, make sure your equipment is turned on and ready, and begin the hunt. Start by asking questions like, “is there anyone here who would like to communicate with us?” If you have done research on your location and have specific information that you can ask questions about, then do that. Be sure to allow a little time for a response between questions. If you’re using a digital voice recorder you may find later that you captured an answers to one of your questions, even though you didn’t hear anything at the time.

Your EMF can also indicate answers to question. My wife experienced this in our home a few years ago. She used our EMF  to get yes and no answers to questions she was asking. An event that lasted about five minutes.  Her questions were obviously limited to yes or no, but it still lends to the experience.

Be sure and take lots of pictures if you have a digital camera. Orbs can often be captured in pictures at haunted locations. If you’ve read my story of the Clovis New Mexico trip I took with my son and the experience we had, I can tell you it is possible to catch more than orbs with you digital camera.

Finally, have fun and be safe

Preparing properly for your first adventure in finding spirits will help ensure a fun and safe experience. The more experience you gain in these adventure, the more likely you will be to capture evidence. As you move forward to investigating more sites, you may decide to add more  equipment to your list, to increase your chances of capturing evidence when searching for the unknown.

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