There are many places that you can go to search for ghosts and spirits. Finding spirits can be as easy as investigating your own home or a friends home. We have long believed that there are spirits in our own house. We refer to them as “good spirits” who are there to protect us since we do not experience anything negative from them. However, that may not be the case at other locations. There are definitely sinister entities lurking all over this planet, and some are out to only cause harm. We’ve all heard the scary stories and many are true. Be prepared that you may encounter such events as you venture into this journey of finding spirits.

Do you have friends who have ghosts in their house?

I have a friend that didn’t believe in spirits until he moved into an older house about 20 minutes away from us. After he and his wife had been living there several months, they began to see things in their hallway and experience things they never thought possible. Most nights my friend would come home after work and unwind by lying on his couch. In the position it was set up he could see down the hallway. On many occasions he sees a woman cross the hall from one room to another. even their dog seems to be aware of this. It has happened many times. The spirit even seems to wander up and down the stairs.

Yes, now he is a believer! I’m sure if you have friends who believe as you do, some of them may have their own stories. Maybe their house is a good place to hunt for spirits.

Other places you may consider conduction paranormal investigations could be where you work. The building I work in during the day was built many years ago in the early 60’s. Prior to that, it was farmland. A few years ago we were digging up a trench to lay new electrical wire and found an old horseshoe. I’ve been in the building many time when no one else was there and have experienced many strange things. Footsteps in the hallway can be heard often at night. On a few occasions, I’ve heard the side door to the building open then close. It makes a very distinctive noise and is rather loud. After checking the property and ensuring the gate is locked and all employees have left, I have no doubt in my mind that spirits are present. Even the owners’ dog seems to hear things that aren’t there.

It’s up to your imagination to find places to search for ghosts and spirits.

Where you can go hunting for ghosts and spirits is up to you. There are hundreds of places to start. That doesn’t mean you will run across spirits at every place you search but they do exist all around us. If you decide to venture into old abandoned buildings though, please be sure to get the proper authorization from the owners, and make sure you aren’t putting yourself in harm’s way and that the building structure itself isn’t unsafe to enter.

Before you get started on your own, it may be a good idea to find a local ghost hunting group and see if you can join them in an investigation. There is a lot that can be learned from people who have experience in this field.

 Safety should always be your “Top Priority” for you and your team.

Whether you are outside in the open at a cemetery, or deep inside an old building somewhere, be prepared for the location you decide to investigate. Always let someone know where you will be and when you expect to return. Just in case something happens. Deep in the basement of an old building can sometimes interfere with the reception of your cell phone, cutting you off from the rest of the world. Remember, never go hunting alone. Always plan ahead and be safe. The more information you can learn ahead of time about ghost hunting, the better off you will be.



Don’t forget your tools!

An EMF detector (K2 Meter) and a Digital Voice Recorder (EVP Recorder) can make your first ghost hunting experience so much more exciting.  Give them both a try. You can find more info on these products by clicking the links here.




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