K2 EMF Meter Review

  • Product: K2 EMF meter (Ghost Hunting Equipment)
  • Price: $59.90
  • Best place to buy: Amazon.com
  • My rating: 7.5 out of 10

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Product features

  • Instant response to EMF fluctuations & spikes
  • Easy to read LED light scale at night or day
  • Portable, light weight, easy to use, rugged, reliable
  • UV reactive color label
  • Used for Paranormal Research and for general EMF detection
  • Battery powered (9 Volt battery)

Product overview

The K2 EMF meter, also known as the K-II EMF, has been one of my favorite pieces of ghost hunting equipment for many years. It is a piece of ghost hunting equipment that I always have in my bag. It’s very simple to operate and can assist you in finding and communicating with spirits. The K2 picks up electromagnetic field signals which indicates the presence of spirits.

I’ve used my K2 during all hours of the day, and the lighting function makes it easy to read day or night. Unlike some of the older units that required you to hold the “on/off” button to operate,  these newer units offer a easy to use internal constant on/off button. You simply pushing the button once to turn it on. No more holding down the button for it to work. The size is perfect to fit in your hand or pocket for easy carrying. This unit will offer you great results in you paranormal research. The K2 weighs less than 4 oz. and is totally silent when in use.

The K2 meter is fast and responsive, measuring a spectrum of EMF’s (Electromagnetic Frequencies) from 50Hz-20,000 Hz. EMF strengths on the K2 are measured in milligauss from 0-20 and are indicated by the colored lights on the top front of the unit.

Cost advantages

When it comes to EMF meter devises you will find that the K2 EMF is very reliable, and affordable. As someone who may be new to paranormal investigating, this unit is a good starting EMF to own. There are surely less expensive EMF units on the market, and for sure more expensive. The K2 has been used in the field by many investigators and it is considered to be a necessary piece of ghost hunting equipment to have with you.


I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the K2 EMF meter or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below. If you have any questions please contact me at my email, [email protected]


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