The K2 EMF meter, also known as the K2 Meter, K-II EMF meter, EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Detector, and the Safe Range Meter

K-II meters are widely used by most paranormal investigators for ghost hunting and finding spirits. Originally EMF meters were used to measure EMF (electromagnetic field) levels in you home, office, or other places to indicate possible harmful levels of electromagnet fields. The K2 Meter used today was designed primarily for paranormal investigating. These EMF meters have been around for several years now and you will find that most ghost hunter have one as part of their tool kit.


K2, KII EMF MeterUsing the K2 EMF Meter for ghost hunting

Today it’s thought that spirits can effect the EMF to let us know they are present.  An initial sweep of the area that is being investigated will let you know of any “hot spots” where the EMF levels may be high. Electronic devises such as home appliances will show an increase in the EMF levels the closer you get to them. Typically the light level indicators located on the K-II meter will gradually increase when approaching these items, so make a note not to get too close to them so you can avoid false readings during your investigation. There can also be spots in a location where EMF might register higher than other spots. Make note of these places so you’re not fooled by them when investigating.

There has been some question as to the validity of these meters actually indicating the presence of ghosts or entities and scientifically there is no real proof. However, for those of us who have used these devises and have experienced some of the strange things that the K2 is meant to capture, we can tell you that they do have the capability to interact with spirit energy. I personally have no doubts about the K2 Meter. Too many unexplained things have been encountered while using this ghost hunting tool and I have been witness to some of them. Many others have had their own experiences and would agree that it’s for real. If it didn’t offer the opportunity to do what is claimed, why would so many investigators still be using them?

Communicating with spirits with the K2 EMF

This piece of ghost hunting equipment can also allow for a simple form of communicating with spirits by using it to solicit yes or no questions. Simply ask your question, and let the spirit energy you’re speaking to know that they can respond by making the K2 lights flash one time, or two times, to indicate yes or no accordingly. For example, ask a question like, ” is there anyone here who would like to communicate with us? If yes, then make the lights flash once for us so we know you are here”. Then wait for 10 to 15 seconds to see if you get a reply. If you don’t,  try asking a different question, and again wait for a reply. If you continue to get no responses, try relocating to a different room or area to continue your spirit investigation.

The K2 is not only used to communicate with spirits by asking questions, but can also indicate the presence of paranormal activity by measuring the electromagnetic field in an area. Sudden erratic flashing or changes in the LED light level indicators can be an indication of presence of paranormal if you are in an area that is clear of these EMF emitting appliances or electric panels, plugs and wires. Rapid flashing lights or “spikes” are the typical response that is indicated on the K2 EMF meter when spirit decides to make themselves known.

Capturing the excitement with your KII Meter

Remember that not every ghost hunt will produce results on your K2 EMF meter, or any other piece of investigation equipment for that matter. Sometimes the spirits just don’t want to react or communicate. TV shows like us to think that every place investigated is full of activity. That’s just not the case all the time. Hours can be spent investigating with no responses or indications at all that there is a haunting at that location. Even locations that are known to be haunted and prior investigations have captured evidence, this doesn’t mean that you will capture something on the next visit. Sometimes it just works out that way and spirits don’t make their presence known.  However, when they are present and they want it to be known, it can be very exciting. You never know whats going to happen when you are on an investigation. One minute you can have no indication of ghostly activity at all. Just when you’re about to give up you can capture something amazing. It’s always an adventure.


  Why is the K2 EMF meter so popular?

The K-II device has become so popular because of it’s ability to indicate the presence of ghosts and spirits. First seen by many when the ghost hunting TV show, “Ghost Hunters” first aired the devise in season 3.  Since then it is seen in almost every paranormal investigation show that comes on TV. It’s been my favorite piece of ghost hunting equipment for several year. The operation of the K2 is very simple. Push the button “on” and it is working. Push the button “off” and it’s turned off!  The cost is also affordable, making it a good tool to start out with. It’s size and weight also makes it easy to carry with you any where you go. For a lot of people that are interested in ghost hunting and paranormal investigating it is one of the first pieces of ghost hunting equipment that they will purchase. In my opinion the K2 EMF meter is a must have for any and all of your ghost hunting adventures.


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