The Poll

In 2012, a Huff Post/YouGov poll showed an estimated 45% of Americans believe in ghost and spirits. That’s roughly over 100 million people. Some of this could be from experiences that people have had in the past or from the ghost stories we all heard sitting around the campfire when we were growing up. Never the less ghost hunting has become very popular in recent years. The proof of this is the number of TV shows that are on the air now showing teams of paranormal investigator at famous haunted locations all over the world. These shows wouldn’t be lasting season after season if there wasn’t a large audience captivated by them. Personally, I am one of those regular viewers of many of the ghost hunting, haunted house, paranormal investigation programs that airs weekly. As a matter of fact, my first obsession with TV ghosts was growing up watching Scooby Doo cartoons. Apparently so did a lot of other people, considering that in the last couple of years they’ve made modern day Scooby Doo movies that have done very well at the box office.

Social media is also showing us how popular ghosts and ghost hunting is to the public. There are many groups that have formed that have members numbering in the tens of thousands. From ghost hunting tours to fan clubs of now-famous TV characters. The list is grown due to the popularity of ghost, spirits and the unknown.

The Proof  ghostly stairs

When it comes to ghost hunting, finding proof seems to be the driving force. As does the excitement that is felt when something out of the ordinary is captured as evidence. However, you can spend a lot of time spent searching for paranormal activity and still end up finding no evidence at all.  You can spend hours and hours making recordings and taking pictures and end up with nothing. That’s not to say that there isn’t any spirits or ghosts in your house, or where ever you happen to be searching. Sometimes they just don’t show up in a way that we can recognize them. Regardless of that, we continue to spend our time and money to find proof.

Recently there has been some very exciting new equipment added to the list of tools available to hunt for spirits. Outside of the usual voice recorders, digital cameras and K2 meters some, now there are SLS Cameras, Ghost Box or Spirit Box devices, and the list is growing. These new devices are allowing us to capture even more evidence in ways only dreamed possible just a few years ago.

The Reason 

There are some people who have had such extreme encounters with spirits that they have vowed never to search for them again. For others, we just want to know for sure of their existence.  The thrill of hunting for ghosts and finding spirits can be addicting. Like anything that gets your adrenalin going, once you experience it, it usually leaves you wanting more. My first encounter with paranormal activity was scary and exciting at the same time. I remember after getting home that night after my outing with friends, we sat around and discussed what each of us heard, or saw that evening. We passed around the pictures that we had taken, with what was at the time a very modern instant camera. Before we knew it we were planning our next ghost hunting adventure.

That was the beginning of what would keep me interested all these years in the paranormal. A scenario that is probably similar to many others who share this love of mysteries when it comes to the unknown.

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