Possessed Items And Objects – Do They Exist?

When most of us think of hauntings, we think of cemeteries, houses or even people being haunted. But is there another realm of possession that some people are not aware of? Can items and objects also be haunted and possessed by spirits? There are many stories and documented accounts of objects being haunted. Dolls, toys, furniture, jewelry. The list goes on and on. Take for instance the following stories.

The Ghosts of Flight 401

On December 29th, 1972, Eastern Air Lines Flight 401, a Lockheed Tristar L-1011-1, left John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport and was headed to Miami Florida. This was a newer aircraft, only 4 months old. The flight was under the command of Captain Robert (Bob) Loft. Among his flight crew was Second Officer Donald (Don) Repo. Don was the Flight Engineer on board. Just before midnight, the flight began it’s decent towards Miami. After lowering the landing gear, an indicator light meant to light up green to signal the gear was down properly, did not light up. While they worked to determine what this was about, they activated the auto-pilot. Unknown to the crew, the altitude of the aircraft was descending. It was dark outside at the time so there was no visual indication that they were headed towards the ground. By the time the crew became aware of this, it was too late. The plane crashed into the Florida Everglades. Of the 163 passengers and 13 crew members, 101 souls perished that night.

Possessed By Spirits?

Ghosts of Flight 401Not long after the crash of Flight 401, reports from flight crews on other Eastern Air Lines flights began to report seeing the ghosts of Loft and Repo on their flights. Some of those sightings didn’t appear to be ghosts at all, but full-figured apparitions. Not only were they seen by people who knew them in life, but others too, who identified them in pictures later. Some of the reported sightings said they even heard Loft and Repo speaking in regards to the aircraft and issues it may have, and then vanish before their eyes. Investigations later found that salvaged parts from the wreckage of Flight 401 were used on other Eastern Air Lines aircraft that the ghostly sightings of Loft and Repo had been reported. This all lends support to the question of, “can objects be possessed”? These haunted items may be related to the theory of what people say is the reason for seeing Loft and Repo. That they stuck around to make sure that everything went okay on these Eastern Air Lines flights.

The Myrtle Plantation 

The Myrtle Plantation MysteriesThe Myrtles Plantation was built in 1796 by General David Bradford in St. Francisville Louisiana. Reported to have been built on Tunica Indian Burial ground, today it is said to be the most haunted home in U.S., if not the world. Currently a Bed and Breakfast, this place has a long history of haunting and happenings. It’s said that at least ten paranormal incidences happen daily here. This location has been featured on such shows as Unsolved Mysteries, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and Most Terrifying Places In America. It’s no wonder, with all of the activity and haunting reports over the years. Legends of paranormal activity abound at this location.


Legend Of The Haunted Mirror At The Myrtle Plantation

Many legends of haunted activity have been told over the years concerning the Myrtles Plantation. One of the most famous legends tells the story of the haunted mirror that to this day still hangs inside the home there.

This legend tells of a slave named Chloe, who was the housekeeper for Clarke and Sara Woodruff who owned the home at this time. Chloe worked in the fields of the plantation and was brought to work inside the home by Clarke who had taken a liking to her. Chloe was to take care of their children. Clarke was a businessman and often had high-level meetings in his home. Chloe would often listen to these meetings with her ear to the door. One day she was caught and told to never do it again. However, a second time getting caught resulted in Mr. Woodruff cutting off one of her ears. From then on Chloe would wear a wrap around her head.

Chloe feared she may be sent back to the fields for her actions, so she devised a way to make herself more valuable and be able to stay in the home to take care of Sara and her two daughters. One of the two daughters of Clarke and Sara was going to have a birthday. Chloe’s plan was to make a birthday cake and poison it to make them all ill. Then she could nurse them all back to health. That would be her opportunity to show how important it was for her to be inside the home to take care of the family. So Chloe made the birthday cake and added the extract of boiled oleander leaves which is highly poisonous. Not knowing how much of the extract to put in, she ended up adding too much. Shortly after the two daughters and their mother Sara ate the cake, they became violently ill. In a matter of hours, they were dead.

The Myrtle Plantation MirrorIn those days it was believed that when a person dies in a home, you needed to cover all the mirrors in the house to keep the souls of the deceased from entering the mirror, hence trapping their spirits so they could not pass over. All the mirror in the house were covered except for one. It is believed that this one uncovered mirror trap the souls of Sara and her two daughters. To this day you can see what appears to be handprints inside the glass of the mirror, which is said to be the spirits of the girls trying to get out.

The story says that Mr. Woodruff became so upset that he had Chloe hung the very next day. Although there is no written record of a slave named Chloe working on the property, the apparition of a black woman in slave clothing has been seen many times around the plantation and even captured in photographs. There have also been sightings of the two young girls on the property over the years. Their spirits still linger the grounds and inside the home at the Myrtle Plantation. There have been many reports of ghostly activity in this home over the years. More so than many other locations, making it truly one of the most haunted places you can visit.


Curse Of The “Crying Boy” Painting

The Crying Boy paintings were produced by an Italian artist named Bruno Amadio, aka Angelo (Giovani) Bragolin who lived from 1911 to 1981. He painted different likenesses of the Crying Boy portraits which first became popular in the 1950’s. It’s possible that hundreds of thousands of prints were made of these originals.

Curse of the Crying Boy PaintingThe legend of the curse of the Crying Boy painting is that whoever owns this and hangs it in their home, is doomed to have their home catch on fire and burn down. There are reports from an overwhelming number of people who have owned this painting or print and had it hanging in their home, that ended in catastrophe and fire. Most often when the damage from the fire was extensive, the picture would be found still hanging on a section of wall, unburned. Even if it had fallen off the wall during the fire, the painting was still found to be unburned. These pictures were most popular in the UK early on. Firemen who would be called to the fires would find these pictures in the ruins, and eventually, the rumor of their curse spread. Even to the point that firemen would not own or hang this picture in their own homes because of the curse that was said to be associated with it.

Word Of The Curse Spreads!

Newspaper claims the Crying Boy painting is cursed.In 1985, The Sun, a British newspaper, reported the claims of a firefighter claiming to find unburned copies of the painting on many occasions among the ruins of burned houses when responding to calls. This seems to add to the theory that these paintings are cursed and should not be hung in your home.

No one knows for sure why the curse exists. It is said that the portrait is that of a homeless child in Italy that Giovani first captured. This particular child was known to the villagers as Diablo, meaning Devil. The story says that this boy liked to start fires and that he is one of Giovanis first renditions in his paintings.

There is also the claim that if this picture is hanging in your home and falls off the wall onto the floor, that this is a sign of an impending death in the home.


The Haunted Collector

Haunted ItemsJohn Zaffis has been a paranormal researcher for more than forty years. He has seen many things when it comes to finding spirits and searching for the unknown. Initially, he was a skeptic of ghosts, until the age of sixteen when he saw an apparition at the foot of his bed, believed to be his grandfather. John is also an author and lecturer. He has appeared on many TV programs such as Unsolved Mysteries, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, as well as a few documentaries. He has appeared on radio programs like Coast to Coast With George Noory.

In 2004 he opened John Zaffis Museum Of The Paranormal, where he displays hundreds of items that he has collected over the years from some of the highly haunted paranormal investigations he has done. On occasion, people will send him items that they believe are haunted. Some of these items are said to be possessed by demonic evil spirits. The items he collects go through a cleansing process before he shows them in his museum. Others are placed in cabinets to hold in the energies they may be carrying.

“The Museum of the Paranormal” documentary was released in 2010 where he wrote and starred in it. This gave people an opportunity to see many of the items he has and the story behind them as well. In 2011 he landed a TV show on the SyFy network that ran for two years. In the show, John and his team would investigate the hauntings at a location and determine what object was creating the haunting. Then remove the object from that location. Paranormal activity usually subsided afterward. John continues to be very active in the paranormal community to this day.


CONCLUSION: YES, Items and Objects Can be haunted!

Paranormal researchers have known for years that “things” can be possessed and carry with them bad energy. Many items have been reported to be possessed by demonic entities. Most likely for the same reasons we hear that a home can be haunted. Either an owner in the past had a very strong connection to an item, or may even have cursed it prior to their time of passing, or an entity or spirit chose to link themselves to it for whatever reason. Sometimes the passing of someone held so much energy in that deathly event that it embedded that energy within that object, as in the case of Flight 401, and many others.

Because of this fact that items and objects can be possessed with negative energy and spirits, my wife and I decided years ago to stop bringing home things from antique stores, estate sales or garage sales. You never know, you may be inadvertently bringing a haunted object into your home.


If you have a comment OR your own stories about a haunted item I would love to have you share them below.  Thanks!



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