The Clovis New Mexico story is one I first began to describe in my “About Me” page here on this site. I have had several requests from visitors to tell the rest of the story, and describe in further detail the haunted happenings we experienced in an old Inn/Motel located on the Air Force Base in Clovis.


“The Clovis Story”

Back in 2008, my son Ryan was getting out of the Air Force after serving his time and country. We decided that I would fly to Clovis New Mexico to meet him where he was stationed at Cannon Air Force Base. Our plan was to drive back together to Washington State where we live now. We had planned on making a four-day trip out of it. It would be a wonderful chance for us to be together again after being separated by many miles and years.

Our first leg of the trip would be to drive to the Glorieta Mountains near Canoncito, New Mexico. Back in 1884 meteorites were discovered near this town. We were going to try our hand at finding some meteorites that are known to exist in this area. The meteorite strewnfield is a difficult place to hunt because of the mountainous terrain, but we were up for the challenge. We had our metal detectors, pickaxes, natural magnets, and a true desire to find something.

When I arrived in Clovis after a short commuter flight from Albuquerque, my son picked me up at the airport. More like a small building where small commuter planes fly in and out of this small town. In 2006 the population of Clovis was less than 35,000 people. A small town indeed by our standard. After leaving the airport we stopped for lunch and then went shopping for trip supplies for our journey. After that, we drove around town to get a good last look at the place that he had called home for a few years. I think it was bittersweet for him. His daughter was born in Clovis while he was stationed there, but for the most part, he was ready to end this chapter of his life and get back to being a civilian.

Later that evening we headed back to the base where he had arranged for us to stay the night at an Inn, or motel on the outskirts of Canon, but still within the base. It was a facility use especially for military personnel. I have no idea how old the place was. If I had to guess I would say this motel was built in the 1960’s or so. It had the typical brick built military look on the outside of the building, and it was a long single-story structure, holding twelve separate dwellings. The front where the entrances are located is paralleled by a sidewalk running the full length of the building. Every twenty feet or so the sidewalk would turn ninety degrees and run to the front door of every entrance. Our accommodations for the night was at the first entrance.

After parking the car and grabbing our belongings we headed out to our place for the night. We entered the front door and dropped our bags. Looking around, you could tell that even though it was older it was kept in very good condition. You would expect no less from the Air Force I assume. The set up was one large room with the living room section that was open to a kitchenette type set up against the far wall. To the left when you first open the front door was a coat closet. Ahead and to the left was a bathroom and a bedroom. On the far wall between the kitchen and the bathroom was a small cutout on the right side that had what I guess was a sort of “make-up” area. A small sink with a mirror above it and a full-length mirror on the left side wall of this cutout. A prepping area for getting dressed or doing your hair, or whatever. After giving the place a quick once over, we opened a beer and stepped outside for a smoke.

It was a cold night.  There was a dusting of snow on the ground and the night was quiet. No wind, no noise, nothing. It reminded me of growing up in Alaska. The elevation of Clovis 4268 ft. People refer to it as “high desert”. It’s a very dry desert like area. Tumble weeds abound here at certain times of the year. The days can be very hot and the nights can get very cold. This night was cold. It was February and about 10 degrees. We seemed to be the only ones in the building that night. Standing there outside we talk about our plans for the following day, then we went back inside to take a load off and just relax.

Once inside we unpacked a couple of things to snack on and kicked back for a while. About 30 minutes into our relaxing evening there was a loud banging noise that came from the coat closet just inside the front door. It wasn’t a knock, or bump, or anything like that. This was a noise of multiple scuffling. It almost sounded like a bunch of stuff all stacked up had fallen. We both froze! Not in fear, but in expectation of hearing more to find out what it was that we were hearing. Knowing where the sound came from we both walked over to the closet and opened the door. To our surprise the closet was empty. “No way,” we both said to each other. Both of us were getting the feeling that something unusual was happening. At this point, we pulled out our digital camera and began asking questions and taking pictures. Digital cameras are nice in that you can go back right away and look at the pictures you just took. Unfortunately, we did not have an audio recorder with because we didn’t expect to be conducting any spirit investigations on this trip. Of the seven pictures we took in the next 5 minutes after the closet noise, three of them managed to capture orbs. There is no true definitive explanation for orbs as being proof of spirits, but for many paranormal investigators, it is a good indication of a possible haunting.

For the next several minutes we were still excited about the closet and the orb pictures. We kept going back to the pictures, zooming in on them to see if there was something we could have missed. Asking ourselves if we were truly seeing pictures of ghostly orbs. While intensely viewing our picture, our attention was drawn to a light that had suddenly turned on in the “make-up” section of the room. The light above the sink and mirror in between the kitchen and bathroom. Silently we looked at each other in amazement. Again, “no way” was the comment. I walked over to the light switch in that area and flicked it off. The switch had to be flicked “up” to turn the light on, so no chance it was loose and maybe dropped to turn on. Again we began to take more pictures. To our amazement, one of the pictures captured what we believe to be a woman in a nightgown. She was standing with her back against the wall on the right side of the makeup room so that the wall was hiding her. However, the picture we took showed her reflection in the full-length mirror that was directly across from here on the left side wall. She is definitely a misty see-through type image with red eyes. You could make out her shape and what she was wearing, and you could see her long hair. It has been one of the most amazing things we have ever seen regarding a ghost encounter.

For the next couple of hours, we both were excited to have experienced such a thing. It wasn’t a scary ghost encounter by any means. It was quite intriguing and exciting. After a while of taking more pictures and not finding anything, we decided that the spirit energy had left. Why she was there we’ll never know. What could have happened to keep the spirit of this person at this location? To this day I still wonder sometimes why she was there. What happened in the past? What is the story behind this? Why is she still here? Eventually, our energy gave way to being tired. Both of us fell asleep in the living room that night.To our knowledge, there was no more ghostly activity. The next morning we packed up our things and headed for the Glorieta Mountains to find meteorites.

We both talk about our experience often. It was a fantastic trip together and a fantastic ghostly experience. One we both will never forget.



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