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Which One Should You Choose?

Ghost hunting equipment “kits” can offer a choice of multiple paranormal investigation equipment items and at the same time save you money over purchasing items individually. Ghost hunting kits can contain basic tools including EVP recorders and EMF meters, all the way up to some of the best ghost hunting equipment that is currently on the market.

Basis ghost hunting kits will consist of item like an EMF meter, digital audio recorder, infrared thermometer, geo-phone ( used to monitor vibrations or ground movement) and a motion sensor. All contained in a nice carry case. Additional items can be purchased separately according to you personal preference. To this basic kit mentioned here I would definitely add a digital camera, preferably on with night vision.

 The best ghost hunting tool- your flashlight!

What ever kit you decide on, whether its one you build yourself or one off the shelf,  don’t forget to add a flashlight to your list. Every member on your team should have one. Can you imagine getting caught in a dark place with only one flashlight among all of you only to have the batteries go dead? Or worse yet, to have spirits drain your batteries, leaving you in the dark. Flashlights are a must for your ghost hunting adventures!


 Add more fun to your ghost hunting kit

Ghost EMF Detector Arrays are fairly new to the paranormal investigation scene. These small units can detect EMF energy and alert you of this detection by lighting up. You may have seem these on some of the popular ghost hunting shows on TV where a number of the detectors, say four to six units or so, are placed in a hall way or passage where the investigator can visually see them light up at a distance if any EMF is detected. This can be an indication of the presence of a spirits passing by them as they move through the hall or passage. This type of equipment would be an awesome addition to any ghost hunting kit you decide to own.

 Paranormal investigating has changed with the times!

When I did my first few ghost hunting adventures we had nothing in comparison to the equipment that is available today to assist in finding spirit. The advances are amazing! There are so many new and exciting tools you can use to gathering evidence of ghosts and spirits. The nice thing is that these new items, for the most part, are affordable for most everyone. They are also made more available than ever before. You now have the ability to arm yourself and your fellow seekers with equipment that can increases your chances of encountering ghostly phenomena. From motion sensors, thermal sensors, recording devices and more. Now is a great time to be involved in this exciting field of paranormal investigating.


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