EMF MeterToday there is a wide range of equipment available for the novice and the professional ghost hunter. New equipment specially designed for finding evidence of spirits is being introduced, as well as improvements in existing equipment. There are many affordable pieces of equipment that can help you find evidence of the unknown.

The K2 EMF Meter is among one of the affordable pieces of gear that most paranormal investigators will include as part of their ghost hunting kits. A step above that is the Ghost Box, or Spirit Box that adds an awesome twist to capturing EVP’s as these pieces of Ghost Hunting Equipment allow you to hear voices in real time.


Geo Box paranormalAmazing New Ghost Hunting Equipment Technology

One of the coolest and newest items to hit the market recently is called the Geo Box. Also called the Wonder Box. Similar to the Spirit Box or Ghost box that scans AM and FM radio signals, this new devise does not have the loud static noise of scanning that the Spirit Box does. Instead it simply picks up the voices. It is a very impressive new tool for the paranormal investigator. Currently these units are a modified radio and are difficult to find. The price ranges a bit and starts around $599. As the popularity grows, and it will, these Geo Boxes will become easier to find and hopefully a little more affordable. These new devises are one of the most AMAZING things that have ever been introduce to the paranormal investigation field. A big jump in ghost hunting equipment technology. Right now there a a small number of people who are building these custom units. They are not being mass produced. It’s my understanding that these guys who are making these units only build a limited number of these custom made boxes, and have a waiting list for months of people wanting to buy them. It’s no wonder. These are the latest and greatest paranormal tool that the public can get their hands on. If you are one of the lucky ones!


Outside of these fore mentioned units,  hand held digital audio recorders are considered an essential piece of equipment to have and can be very affordable for almost everyone, depending on the make and model you choose. Digital recorders have the ability to pick up EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) during investigations. Typically voices can be captured that were not heard at the time of investigation. Using your digital recorder gives you the opportunity to ask questions in an attempt to communicate with spirits. This can validate that you are with spirits, however it is not in real time like the Spirit Box or Geo Box. With a digital recorder you have to play back and listen to what you had recorded to see if you captured anything. Still, this is a tool that every investigator should own at least one of.

Another cool thing to get to enhance your digital recorder is a software program to put on your computer. Audio software can allow you to play back, loop to hear over and over if you have a section of recording you question capturing voices(or sounds) and clean them up in a way that may help you discern more easily what you may have caught on the recording. These software programs have been around for some time now. When I purchased my first digital recorder, which was fairly expensive back when I got it (about $89.00), one of the first things we did was to purchase a software program on-line. I can’t remember the cost back then but the program was not expensive at all. What was cool about it was that we could play with all the options in filtering, enhancing and adjusting that made some of the recording that we capture, much cleaner and easier to understand. I’m sure nowadays that there are way better programs out there now. Just like I’m sure there are much better recorders than there was ten or fifteen years ago when I acquired this particular digital recorder.


Lesser known Ghost Hunting Equipment

Probably one of the lesser known ghost hunting equipment tools is dowsing rods. Dowsing has been around for many many years. How it works has been studied for a long time yet there is no known reason other than it is possibly connecting to the natural energy we all have and the energy of the earth. Dosing has been used to find a number of unknown factors such as where water may be located underground, as well as metals, minerals, ores, oil and gemstones. Dowsing rods can be “Y” shaped or “L” shaped. Today there are several paranormal investigators who will use dowsing as another tool to communicate with the other side.Check out this video!

 Check out his video…Dowsing during a ghost investigation.


The Future Of High-Tech Ghost Hunting Equipment is here!

High end devises such as thermal cameras and low-light/night vision cameras, High Definition digital video recorders and other equipment used for capturing spirits is also available. Today’s technology is offering us exciting new ways to search for the unknown and capture evidence.

In the old days what was considered leading edge tools, like the Polaroid instant camera which captured many a picture of apparitions, has been replaced with digital cameras and recorders capable of taking high definition pictures in normal light as well as low light. IR Cameras equipped with Infrared capabilities can take pictures in essentially no light at all.  These types of  equipment or tools have made the field of paranormal research more exciting than ever.


 Thermal and Infrared Technology

Another exciting piece of equipment now available for the public is the new FLIR ONE Pro. This new Thermal IR Imaging Camera has now been developed to connect to your smart phone to offer you outstanding Infrared (IR) imaging technology. There has been some really crazy amazing spirit images captured using IR technology. This new affordable camera brings you the ability to add even more power to capture evidence of the unknown.  To learn more about FLIR ONE PRO… CLICK HERE! 



New equipment for searching for the unknown is being introduce all the time. There are so many more items available that have not been mentioned here. Advancements in equipment are making your paranormal investigations more exciting and giving you even more opportunity in this field to capture what we are all looking for. To find more proof!

Best of luck in your search for finding spirits!




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