Keeping it simple! A few things to consider.

Whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned ghost hunter or paranormal investigator, or just wanting to have some fun, there are tools that you’ll want to have to help in your hunt for the unknown. Basic ghost hunting equipment can range from a single devise, to multiple devises. From inexpensive to very expensive. When you are just getting started I wouldn’t recommend spending a whole lot money. That may come later when you find you can better your chances of finding evidence of spirits with more sophisticated and sensitive equipment. Or when you know for sure that finding spirits is something you want to invest in more seriously. There are a lot of expensive items that a person could get caught up in buying like Thermal video cameras, night vision cameras, high end recorders and the like. Make sure you know that ghost hunting or paranormal research is something you really want to do before investing a ton of money on super cool stuff.  My first ghost hunting adventure with friends was many years ago when I was younger and I didn’t have any money to purchase gear. We borrowed my girlfriends parents instant camera and cassette recorder. Those two items, along with a flashlight was pretty much all we had to use. However it was enough for us to capture some very interesting things. That event set the stage for future adventures in searching for the unknown. Later I did add an EMF (electromagnetic field) detector, or meter, and a Digital Voice Recorder. I have experienced many things with just these simple pieces of equipment.  Thus proving you can certainly find evidence using the most basic of equipment to get started.


If you are new to investigating and wanting to venture out and see if this is something for you, then get yourself the most basic of tools to begin with. Include a flashlight to whatever kit you decide to start with. Do a little research on ghost hunting 101, and also the location of your first adventure. Being properly prepared will offer you a much better experience on your fist trip in finding spirits. Today it is more affordable than ever to start your paranormal investigating with minimal cost to start. Basic tools like an EMF or K2 meter can be acquired for about $60. Less expensive Digital Voice Recorders for capturing EVP’s, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, can be purchased for even less, however you may find as you become more experience and serious about ghost hunting that the higher end units offer you a better quality result in your findings. It’s up to the individual to determine their budget for buying gear. It’s not hard to expand your kit to include some very cool, and expensive pieces of equipment. Purchasing these tools as you expand you experience will probably come naturally. It’s kind of addicting to try new tools that can increase your chances of finding evidence of ghosts and spirits, as you will soon find out if you decide this exciting field is for you.

mobile phone use

Today almost everyone has a Smart Phone that allows for great pictures and voice recording. Many ghost hunting equipment apps are now available and some are quite useful. Others can be quite the gimmick and are solely for fun and not true research. Smartphones today have the capability to record audio and video as well as take digital picture. People do manage to capture some very exciting things using their phones. It may be a good way to start without spending any additional money but most will find later that specific tools and equipment will offer better results.


Serious things to consider…

There are a couple of things you should consider and learn about if you want to join the millions of others out there that have decided to make finding spirits a part of their life, whether it’s for a hobby, or a more serious undertaking. Ghost hunting is serious stuff. There are things that exist in this world that we can’t understand. You need to know that. Encounters with spirits can be exciting, and sometimes frightening. There are many examples of people getting pushed, scratched, and even possessed by entities while investigating. Spirits that exist in our world can be good AND bad. Some can even be demonic. Investigating these things is not to be taken casually. It’s a serious matter. Before you decide to jump in, you need to be aware of the potential results and possible outcome that ghosting can bring. There are also many stories of spirits following investigators home after a night of hunting. You need to know how to deal with these encounters before something happens. Be prepared! I’m not saying that searching for ghosts and spirits will always bring bad or negative experiences to you and your friends, but we do know for sure that these things have happened and will continue to happen. On another note, we know that there are also kind and playful spirits. Ones that do not cause harm to us but do let us know that they are present. Either way, it’s a good idea to do a little research as to what others have encountered and the possibilities of what you may be up against while you are investigating. Never venture out by yourself to investigate a potential haunted place, and be sure that the people who go with you are familiar with what can potentially happen if spirits are encountered. If you have the opportunity to go on a paranormal investigation with a local ghost hunting group, it would be a good idea to take advantage of that. It could be your chance to learn some valuable lessons on how to conduct an investigation. It would also give you the chance to ask questions and learn more about conducting yourself and your team in a professional manner when you do finally decide to take your friends out for your first real adventure as an investigator. My best advise for your first four necessities when getting started… be as prepared as you can be, conduct yourself and your team as professionals, be safe, and have fun!


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