FLIR ONE PRO thermal imaging camera for your smart phone



Thermal and Infrared imagery as a means of capturing images of ghosts and spirits is not completely new to the field of paranormal research. For several years this technology has helped investigators find further evidence of the unknown. FLIR Systems is the worlds larges and most well know company developing and producing thermal imaging cameras, components and sensors. With the introduction of the FLIR ONE, and now the next generation FLIR ONE PRO, the world of paranormal investigation using thermal cameras can be even more exciting and affordable than ever before.



Initially thermal cameras were developed for military airborne imaging. Later to be used by contractors and inspectors to help find issues in electrical wiring, insulation, and building and equipment inspection. There are many industries that now benefit from the use of FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras, components and imaging sensors.

The name FLIR comes from the term, “Forward Looking Infrared”. One of the newest products to be introduced to the public by FLIR Systems, at an affordable price I might add, is the FLIR ONE Pro. It’s the next generation in thermal imaging cameras that connects to the bottom of your iPhone or Android smartphone. Although this technology was not developed specifically for use as a piece of ghost hunting equipment, many professional paranormal investigators, as well as ghost hunting hobbyists have found that thermal imagery cameras can offer them exciting results when searching for the unknown.



FLIR ONE PRO – Helping You See The Unseen!

A few years ago FLIR thermal cameras made their way into the world of ghost hunting and finding spirits. Shows like “Most Haunted” and “Ghost Hunters” were using them and getting amazing results. In my opinion one of the best FLIR thermal camera images that has ever been captured and recorded was when Jason and Grant of “TAPS” (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) on their TV show Ghost Hunters, were investigating the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas. Below is a short video of what they found. Amazing!!! What Jason and Grant managed to capture and record is the image of a spirit standing in front of an old locker. On the door of the locker you can see a large number”2″ painted on it.

Take a minute to watch the video. I’m sure you too will be amazed!



Are YOU ready to have fun with your new FLIR ONE PRO ?

I’m sure this thermal camera will amaze you and become one of your favorite pieces of equipment! There are so many applications for you to use your new camera. From outdoor wildlife adventures, to home projects, and of course, finding spirits. Currently these units are produced to fit your iPhone, and your USB-C Android smart phone or tablet. Adaptors are available for micro-USB connectors to adapt to your phone.

The infrared camera allows for total darkness viewing without an external IR light. FLIR offers its new revolutionary VividIR thermal image processing to give you more visible details in the image. FLIR MSX embosses visible edges from the HD camera into the thermal image to create a sharper picture.


FLIR ONE Pro thermal camera                   FLIR ONE Pro


This camera also offers a built in High Resolution Thermal Sensor that is able to measure viewing temperatures up to 400 degrees C ( 752 Degrees F). Because the FLIR One Pro is powered by its own battery it does not draw battery life from you smartphone. Battery life is approximately one hour. Charge time 40 minutes. It’s equipped with  an adjustable connector so it will fit over the case on your phone. Which means there is no need to remove your phones case. They thought of everything!

Overall this is a thermal camera like no other. It’s a perfect item to add to your ghost hunting equipment list. It’s small, portable and effective.


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