What are EVP recorders and what are they used for?

For many years paranormal hunters have used the EVP Recorder to capture ghostly voices. At times during an investigation, It is another type Ghost Hunting Equipment that is used to recorder will manage to capture voices from “the other side” yet can only be heard during the playback of the recorder. At the time of the recording, no voices were heard by human ears at all.

This is a phenomenon that dates back to when the old magnetic strip recorders were widely in use. The cassette recorder, which is still used today is a great unit to use as long as you use quality cassettes.  The digital audio recorder used for EVP recording is becoming more popular for the added options that cassette recorders do not have. Digital allows for many more hours of recording without having to change the tapes or cassettes. Both units, however, are tried and true devices for capturing ghostly, spirit voices.

What’s the quality of the recordings that you capture of spirit voices?

EVP recordings are broken down into three categories, or ratings,  based on the quality of the recording.

Class A – Words captured are clearly understood.

Class B – Hard to understand. You could guess at what is being said but not know for sure.

Class C – Can’t understand at all what is being said, but something was captured.

An EVP recorder can also capture more than just voices. Scary growling sounds, banging noises and other audible things can be picked up on them as well. My first ghost hunting adventure using a cassette recorder that was common for that time, picked up on what sounded like a large heavy stone moving across another large stone. This recording was done when we were at a graveyard on the outskirts of town, in the middle of the night. You can imagine our excitement when we played back the tape later and discovered what we had caught. We were all sure that the sound had come from a gravestone moving. The recording we captured was loud, and clear. What it was exactly will never truly be known. Together with the other events we experienced that night, it was a ghostly adventure to remember.

There are also computer programs you can use along with your recorder to analyze your recordings.  These programs can let you make adjustment that can allow you to clear up some of the outside noise on the recording so you can get a better level of sound to hear what’s been captured. Using a high-quality digital audio recorder can improve your ability to discern some of what you capture as well, verses a cheaply made recorder. In other words, quality can make a difference.

Keeping a record of your investigation.

Using your EVP recorder to keep a record of your investigation while in progress is a good idea. Typically you will state the location you are investigating at, and the team members who are with you. Stating the date and time is a good record to have as well. During your investigation yo, should also make a note on the recorder of any noises that are produced by you or your team that could be misleading later on when you play back the recording. For example, if someone accidentally tripped over something or knocked something over while recording, it should be stated at that time what just happened so you have a record of that incident and noise. Use your EVP recorder as a tool to keep a record of events on your investigation when searching for the unknown.


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