Do Our Deceased Pets Visit Us?

Many years ago when I was growing up in Alaska, my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, had a cat named Dude, who passed away from a liver infection. He was a large light and dark grey feline. He was a very friendly cat but kept to himself for the most part. He did love my wife very much and the two of them were very bonded to each other. Dude would sleep with her on her bed every night. Some say the bond that is created between humans and animals is what brings them back. Similar to stories of human connections that can keep our loved ones close after they pass over.

Spooky Ghost CatAfter Dudes passing there were several instances that would happen at night when the house was asleep. My wife would wake up from the feeling of Dude pressing his paws on her like kittens do when they’re nursing.  When she would realize that it couldn’t be him and would sit up to see what it was, she would see a dark shadow jump off of the end of her bed. In her mind, it could be nothing else but her lost buddy Dude.

Years later after we were married and had children we were always a family with pets. Cats were the first for us as we lived in apartments early on in Alaska and most of them would allow for a cat but no dogs. When we moved to the Lower 48 we finally got our first dog, Scottie, to raise with our cat. From that time until we moved 6 years ago, we always had a cat in our home. Of the three felines that we’ve had, which have all passed on at this point, only one of them to our knowledge has appeared to us.

Q-tip was our latest cat to cross over to the other side. In 2010 we purchased a home just a few blocks from our former home. Q-Tip was a mixed breed. Black and white in color with short hair. Just like a Holstein cow! He was 17 years old when we first moved to our current home and in a matter of one year, he was gone. To this day we still see glimpses of him around corners in the house. Sometimes even an impression on the couch which was his favorite place to lay.

Sensing Your Pets After Death

There are many stories of pets passing and the owners experiencing the return or these animals later, after death. Not only the owners of pets, but even others who may have never had their own pets at all can find that they may be sharing a home with an animal ghost. There are countless stories of people seeing or feeling animal ghosts.Ghost Dog

Prior to our move in 2010, we had a Yorkshire Terrier named Scottie. His passing marked the final year or so in the old house. However, we are convinced he came with us when we moved. Often times you can hear the nails of what sounds like a small dog walking towards the kitchen on our wood floor in our home. This has happened many times. On occasion, you can pass by the sliding glass patio door off of the kitchen and briefly see what appears to be a small animal sitting outside this glass door. When you stop and take another look nothing is there. My wife and son have both witnessed this. Even the two dachshunds we have now seem to sense when something is in the same room and will stare sometimes at something that is not there. Although it’s never been proven that animals can sense ghosts or spirits, I have seen and experienced enough of animals sensing what isn’t there to say, “yes they can”!

Children are sometimes very intuitive and sensitive to spirit pets being around. As with seeing human forms of ghosts, they also see animals. Many reports have been told of kids seeing their departed pets. Other people have reported having smelled their departed pets, or felt them as they would have when they were alive by being brushed up against of a pet laying down next to them. Even a cats purr has been heard. All similar to the experiences we have had in the past several years. There has been the occasion when we even thought we heard Scottie snoring. Cats tend to be seen more than they are heard. However, dogs tend to be heard more than seen.

Historic Sightings of Animal Ghosts

Horses seem to be another animal that is often reported being seen in ghostly form. More than 150 years ago in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, the American Civil War between the Union and Confederate soldiers saw more than 50,000 casualties in just a few days. Many of the casualties were the horses that were ridden by those soldiers. Paranormal researchers from around the world believe this area is richly haunted. From the local farms, fields, and surrounding towns. Most likely from the vast number of deaths that happened all over this area.

People still report seeing Union and Confederate soldiers dressed in uniforms of that period as though the war was still in action. Some of these ghostly scenes are that of soldiers on horseback. Did the soldiers have a strong emotional connection with their horses that would keep them together in the afterlife? Or is this some sort of energy that is stamped in the fabric of time that keeps replaying itself as some researchers believe. We can only guess. What we do know is that those people AND animals are in some way still present.

Animal Spirit Coincidence?

Black Spirit catIn the Capital Building in Washington DC, it is reported that a cat has been roaming the basements there since the nineteenth century. Back then buildings in this area were prone to having rodent problems. Cats were used to help keep this issue in check. This particular cat, nicknamed DC, which is short for Demon Cat, has been seen in the basement and halls of this building. Guards who patrol at night have reported this cat prowling around corners in the dark. Appearances of the Demon Cat are said to foretell upcoming tragedies. It has been said that it appeared before the death of Abraham Lincoln, the 1929 stock market crash, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


Britain’s Institute of Psychophysical Research studies indicates that apparitions of cats are seen more than any other animal. Dogs were second on the list of animal ghosts, followed by horses. That’s not to say that other animals haven’t been seen because they have. Cats have almost always been seen alone or by themselves. Dogs, on the other hand, have been seen with what is presumed their departed owners. Horses have been seen by themselves, like in a barn stall, or with a rider.

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