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Mark is a 55-Year-Old Operations Manager for Refuse Equipment Company in Washington State. He has had a Big Interest in the Paranormal Field Most of his Life. This Website is Dedicated to all those who Hunger for Truth .

Mark Rutherford – Owner and Author of www.FindingSpirits.com

Ghost Hunting

Hi, my name is Mark.

I’ve been interested in “the search for the unknown” for some 35 years now. My adventure in ghost hunting began when I was a teenager living in Alaska. I remember one of the first investigations that I went on was with a couple of friends of mine to an old graveyard on the outskirts of town. Back then we didn’t have the ghost hunting equipment that is available these days. We had an instant Polaroid camera, a cassette recorder, and enough nerve to go to a spooky old graveyard in the middle of the night to do our paranormal investigation.

That first night proved to be a scary, yet new and intriguing experience. Between the ghostly images of the pictures we took, and the sounds we managed to hear and record, there was no turning back. Ever since that night I’ve been hooked.

The reason I created this site was to help people like yourself find ghost hunting equipment, or paranormal investigation equipment,  and information that can assist you in your own adventures in hunting ghosts and be finding spirits. I hope to be able to provide you with the ghost hunting tools necessary for you to discover what you are looking for, whether you are new to this field, or have been involved for a length of time.

I also ask, if you ever see or read anything here that sparks your interest, or opinions you would like to share, that you get involved with my site. I love to hear stories of others ghost hunting experiences. Any feedback here is welcome too.

More about me and a ghostly encounter that keeps me so interested in the unknown…

Several years ago I flew to New Mexico to meet my son who was stationed at the Air Force Base in the small town of Clovis. He was getting out after serving his time and we were going to drive back to Washington State together where we live now. That first night we were booked in a Motel that was on base. A single story unit. One of several that were lined up together on the outskirts of the base. That night we both experience things that we would never forget.

Since then we have had many experiences with the paranormal. Some of these stories, including The Clovis Story, will be posted in detail on this site. Experiencing haunted sites like these is what keeps me so interested in this exciting search for the unknown.

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Welcome to Finding Spirits

by; Mark Rutherford

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